Brendan O’Brien is the CEO and Founder of Titanium Cranium Enterprises. When he is not spinning a web of intrigue into a new novel for publication or hacking out a new App for your iPhone, he is most likely out for a spin through the Victorian countryside on his beloved Triumph Sprint RS.

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    1. Thanks Dan!
      Glad you like the blog. I really enjoyed your post this morning of the guy in the snow. That guy has some serious cajones!

      I haven’t posted on here for a bit as I’m working hard to finish a book so I can release it on Amazon before Christmas. Soon though I’m going to write up a review here about my new ‘man bag.’ It’s a smallish, but very convenient tank bag from DriRider I picked up for my Triumph Sprint RS about month ago.

      Best wishes for a great holiday,


  1. Thanks Brendan!

    I love a good man bag, so I’m following along now, eagerly awaiting your review 🙂
    Good luck with the book, that’s very exciting too.

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