Get Published Today!

Hi there!

So, you’ve written your book and now you’re deciding what to do with it. You’ve possibly sent it out to agents and publishers already and waited aeons for answers, which may never be forthcoming. I’ve been through this myself. After much frustration, I decided to bypass the traditional gatekeepers and take my books directly to readers, let them decide for themselves. While I can’t promise you the instant success of E. L. James (50 Shades of Grey), what we can do for you at Titanium Cranium is get your book out there for the readers to find.  They’ll never find it sitting in your drawer. Get it out there!

The Indie publishing process requires a number of elements for some measure of success.

I. A great story.   Check!  You’ve got that already.

II. Need an editor?   We got your back.

III. Spectacular cover art.  We have just ‘the eye’ you need.

IV. Proper e-book formatting.  Got that nit-picking covered for you.

V. Books not selling?  We’ll give your marketing a jump start.


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